anaerobic digestion

Is Agent Based Modelling the Ideal Method to Investigate Innovations within the Water Energy Food Nexus?

Recently we finalised the development of two Agent Based Models (ABMs) for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) innovation as part of the EPSRC funded Stepping UP project. Agent based modelling was selected as the method to understand the step-change impact of the diffusion of innovation across the Water Energy and Food (WEF) Nexus. This blog revisits the characteristics of complex systems, complex systems thinking for WEF Nexus and agent based modelling for complex systems. Reflections on the development of ABMs for Anaerobic Digestion innovation are included at the end of the blog.


Five fallacies of innovation, and what they mean for understanding the nexus

Exposure and interrogation of some of the common assumptions around innovation can help to flesh out the interplay between nexus study and innovation, and what this interplay means for transformation more generally.

Nexus-relevant innovations: Anaerobic digestion

This blog series discusses in greater depth the rationale for selecting the particular innovations Stepping Up is interested in; Anaerobic digestion, Insect proteins, Valorisation of food waste and Diversion of surplus food. In the first of four, this blog starts by introducing anaerobic digestion... 

The role of innovation and case studies in Stepping Up: The reduction and repurposing of waste

An important part of Stepping Up is the identification of people or organisations who are currently innovating around the use of technologies and/or ways of doing things. Case studies of actors’ experiences with these innovations will help us to understand specific projects and their outcomes, with particular emphasis on whether or not they might be considered ‘successful’ in terms of advancing nexus goals, helping us move towards a more sustainable future, as well as whether and how they might be scaled up. This blog introduces the four innovations at the heart of Stepping Up; anaerobic digestion, insect protein, valorisation of waste and the diversion of food from waste streams to people’s plates.

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