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Alice Bows-Larkin's blog

Royal Geographical Society Conference 2016 - Our Nexus Sessions

In September 2016 we convened a three-part session at the RGS International Conference in September 2016 on 'Water Energy and Food Nexus: Dealing with a wicked problem?". The session brought together all three EPSRC funded Water Energy Food Nexus projects: STEPPING UP(link is external)WEF WEB(link is external) and Vaccinating the Nexus(link is external), as well as contributions from a range of linked projects with relevant connections... 

First advisory board

h our project well underway, we held our first advisory board meeting in March. The meeting proved extremely valuable providing much food for thought. Discussions revolved around some of the key questions the team are grappling with. One such question was around what the big societal challenges relevant for the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus. Here are some of the key points raised...

Nexus Network annual conference

As part of the Nexus Network annual conference during November 2015, Prof Alice Bows-Larkin was invited to take part in an opening plenary panel highlighting challenges for Nexus researchers across all disciplines. Drawing on early experiences from the STEPPING UP project, Alice discussed how the STEPPING UP team are working on defining spatial scale, physical geography and  quantifying a ‘step change’ in order to develop the project’s Agent Based Model...


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